Friday, 14 February 2014

Egg Drop Experiment

The Egg Drop is Will Plummer's and Christopher Richner's science experiment for the Science Fair at Worthington Hills Elementary School.  Will had the initial idea to build a contraption that protected the egg as it fell from a second story window.  However, the experiment was changed to simplify it a bit.  Instead, we dropped eggs from four different heights into four different substances.  The substances were: the glass bowl, legos (inside the glass bowl), water (inside the glass bowl) and toilet paper (also inside the glass bowl).

Each of the pages above documents the experiments we conducted.  We thought the water would be the best substance to protect the egg.  We also thought the worst substance to protect the egg would be the glass bowl.  We also used a new egg for each drop as a control.  That way, we knew that the egg wouldn't have any cracks and break more easily.